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the treasure box series

About the Author

I Am Judith L. Sherman

Living the principles discussed in this book series have helped me live a happier and more meaningful life. 

What is written in Volume I: Peace, Joy, and Happiness" come from  lessons taught to me by life.  Other lessons were the result of what I learned in books I read on the ILD organization's book list. The majority of what I know come from church and personal experiences. 

Although we were living on someone else's property, I  appreciated how blessed we were to live there. One afternoon, while sitting on the back porch pondering as I looked over the beauty and serenity of the yard, I wondered if I would ever become successful enough in my business to purchase such a home. That night, in March 2000, an amazing experience happened that changed my life forever.    

What I experienced in my mind's eye that night was my own potential and what was in store for me. The book describing that experience is presently unpublished and will be released at a later date as part of  series titled "The Land of My Potential".   


For the next six years, the manuscript describing that and other experiences evolved into six books with the series titled "THE TREASURE BOX SERIES. How to Fill Up Your Life's Treasure Box With Gems That Provide Peace in Trying Times".  

I have been through the wringer of life and my soul tested for strength and character.  As a result, protecting peace in times fraught with anguish and difficulty is something I know first-hand. Knowing what I've learned helps you makes me appreciate my experiences even more.