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Finding Peace Amid Chaos and Trials

 This Series Can Change Your Life in Four Ways:

  • First, this book can change your life by conveying a message of hope for those of you who feel bogged down by the chaos and strife in the world and crave rest from turmoil in your lives.
  • Second, this book can change your life because it is written especially for you who desperately need peace to warm your soul when life seems to be coming apart at the seams.
  • Third, this book can change your life because it is specifically designed to stir-up your soul and cause you to examine how you presently respond to life's situations. This stirring of the soul will be just enough to make you change things in your life so that the peace and happiness you deserve can be in your soul.
  • Fourth, this book can change your life by helping you become more aware of how you presently react or respond in challenging situation, so you can protect the peace inside you.
  • Otherwise, you will continue to respond in ways that create chaos and strife around you. When you react by impulse or in default(meaning the way you always respond), you will likely create chaos and strife around you.
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