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Finding Peace Amid Chaos and Trials

It is a realistic expectation to live your life with more peace, joy, and happiness than you have now; I am proof that this is possible!

Understand that you were created to be happy and to enjoy all the blessings afforded you. More importantly, your creator expects His children to be happy and to have peace and joy living in our hearts, minds, and souls, and in our lives.

We have an entity living inside us that we call a spirit, and it needs nurturing just as the body does and to be healthy. However, a chaotic lifestyle tends to focus on too many of the wrong things that cause problems. This could be the result of living in today’s confused society or because of things we've done wrong in present or past. Our problems could also be caused by not being disciplined in our commitments. Whatever the case, the consequence is a tender spirit that grows numb to God and many of the things that bring peace and happiness to the soul. Poor choices in lifestyle also prevent us from achieving what we want most in life: such as peace of mind and contentment in the soul.

What most people want is to feel a deep and abiding love for someone, or for someone to love them back that way. They want respect and a healthy self-worth, to be appreciated, and to feel gratitude in their hearts. They want internal peace, to be truly happy, to have joy in their souls, and to live a fulfilling life. They want to feel safe and secure.

Instead of what they want, they sometimes end up living a life filled with emptiness and boredom. Such a life is not living, it is just existing. It might be a life without the energy, vibrancy, and enthusiasm they need to succeed. Perhaps it is a life barren of creativity, which they need to adapt and to handle challenges. It might also be a life without a sense of purpose and meaning. Indeed, it might be a life that is burdened with bad associations, wrong choices, and inappropriate behavior, which demands harsh universal consequences. Life is likely not a wonderful experience for these people, so they take what they can and think nothing more will come along for them.

Is living a life that is merely existing what you want for yourself and your family? I hope not, because that is not what I want for you. I want much more than that for you!

We must make a commitment to live our lives in a way that rewards us the most important desires of our hearts. In this way, we are free to fulfill our potential and the measure of our creation. This is what we should be striving to attain. Otherwise, nothing else will provide the peace, joy, and happiness that we seek. We need to fill our "Life's Treasure Boxes" with gems of the spirit. These are treasures that provide us the substance we need to see us through the trials and misfortunes of life. If we have an empty box and an empty live acccount in the "Love Bank" (™ by Terrance Norton), life may not feel satisfying to us. We know there is something missing but we don't know what or why we feel that way.

One thing I've learned is the more we focus of the material things in life - in order to satisfy our need for collecting possessions - without caring for the sick, the wounded, the windows, and those in need of what we can give, the less we will have to nourish our souls. With less nourishing our souls, we will never feel filled up, and we will always be wanting more but still not be satisfied.

Let this message resonates within you enough to change your thinking and the way you do things in the future.

Copyright © 2008, Judith Sherman. The material used in this publication is copyrighted, which means it cannot be copied, stored, or transmitted in any way without the express written permission of the author. Please be honest and abide by these terms.